Как импортировать pygame в visual studio code
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Как импортировать pygame в visual studio code

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How to import pygame in visual studio code?

I use visual studio code for coding (python) and now I have to write a program with pygame for my project and I can’t import pygame in visual studio code (I can import it with the python script, it just can’t be import ed in visual studio code).

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Here is the solution I tried:

From left bottom of your vs code you can find python environment, you can in the image I marked red:

enter image description here

after clicking in the red marked area you can see below option to select:

enter image description here

from the option select your desired one. Suppose first i was try selecting 2nd one but it was not working then i tried with the last one and it worked.

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  1. Open the terminal of Vscode.
  2. Type pip install pygame or pip3 install pygame .
  3. Import pygame and enjoy it.

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If it works in the console when you type ‘python yourscript.py’ but not in vs code, you should press ctrl+shift+p and use clic on Python select interpreter to switch to the right env. if it sstill doesn’t work then install the package by running ‘python -m pip install pygame’

Another possible solution is the you could be using VS code in restricted mode. make sure you’re in a trusted browser on the app

I have just typed this in VS Code and pygame is installed:

Valid and working pygame installation (at the time of posting), using Conda environments and python 3.10:

Using pip as others have suggested should work (in most cases), but if your aim is to have robust dependencies conda is probably a bit better.

Don’t forget to select the interpreter in vs code, it’ll throw errors or simply won’t show up if using pygame packages from other channels, such as this one

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Как импортировать pygame в visual studio code

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How to Install Pygame in Visual Studio Code

Pygame is a library that helps us create games using Python. Pygame uses SDL (short for Simple DirectMedia Layer), which helps us get access to the keyboard, mouse, and graphics. Pygame runs on almost every platform.

This guide shows you how to import Pygame in Visual Studio Code.

Step 1: Download Python

Download and install Python from python.org/downloads with default configurations.

Download Python

Step 2: Install Pygame

To install Pygame through VS Code, follow these steps:

        From the top-level View menu, select Terminal. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + ‘.


      Install Pygame

      Step 3: Create a new Pygame project

      After installing the Pygame library, we must import all functions from it. We use the “import” keyword to import a library.

      For this example, let us create a simple Pygame application that displays Hello World on the screen. Follow the steps below:

        Click on the Open Folder button from the “Explorer” tab. Then, open or create a folder from your preferred directory. In my case, I’m creating a folder named “Test” which will be saved on my Desktop.

      Open Folder

      New File


      Pygame Code


      Voilà! We’ve successfully imported and created our first Pygame application in VS Code.

      Step-by-Step Guide: Importing Pygame into VSCode on Windows 11

      Pygame is a game development library that is widely used by developers. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a popular code editor that provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming. In this article, we will guide you on how to import Pygame into VSCode on Windows 11.


      Before we start, you will need to make sure that you have the following software installed:

      • Python 3.x
      • Pygame


      Here are the steps to import Pygame into VSCode on Windows 11:

      1. Open Visual Studio Code and create a new file.
      2. Save the file with a .py extension, for example, game.py .
      3. Open the terminal in VS Code by clicking on View > Terminal or by pressing Ctrl + Shift +

      1. Wait for the installation to complete.
      2. In the game.py file, add the following line of code:
      1. Save the file.
      2. Run the game.py file by pressing F5 or by clicking on the Run button in the VS Code toolbar.
      3. Congratulations! You have successfully imported Pygame into VSCode on Windows 11.


      We hope that this step-by-step guide has helped you in importing Pygame into VSCode on Windows 11. With Pygame and VS Code, you can easily develop games and create amazing gaming experiences. Happy coding!

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