Как экспортировать игру из unity
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Как экспортировать игру из unity

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how to export a scene in unity.

Sometimes it is required to export one scene from one Unity project to another. But there copying all the required assets is not the solution as it misses the dependencies of the scene. Most of the time, we end up doing a lot of manual correction. In this tutorial, we will see how to export a scene along with its dependent materials and Gameobjects.

Step1: Selection

  1. Select the required scene in the project window.
  2. Right click >Select Dependencies.
  3. This should select are the materials and Gameobjects linked to the scene.

Step2: Exporting the scene

  1. Right click the selected objects and click Export package.
  2. Uncheck include dependencies to remove unused objects.
  3. Click export and save.

That’s it you have successfully exported a scene. If you have any other question leave it in the comment section below.

Export an Android project

If you need more control over the build pipeline, you can export a Unity project as a Gradle An Android build system that automates several build processes. This automation means that many common build errors are less likely to occur. More info
See in Glossary project and import that into Android Studio. This is useful if you want more control over the build pipeline, want to see or modify the Android App Manifest that Unity generates for your application, or integrate Unity-powered features into another Android application.


To export a Unity project for Android Studio:

  1. Select File > Build Settings.
  2. From the list of platforms in the Platform pane, select Android.
    Note: If Android is greyed out, set up your project for Android development.
  3. Enable Export Project.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Select the destination folder and click Select Folder to start the export process.

After Unity exports the Gradle project, you can import the Gradle project into Android Studio. For information on how to do this, refer to Migrate to Android Studio. For information on the file structure of the exported Gradle project, refer to Gradle project structure.

How To Export A Unity Project

Exporting Packages Open the project you want to export assets from. Choose Assets > Export Package… from the menu to bring up the Exporting Package dialog box. In the dialog box, select the assets you want to include in the package by clicking on the boxes so they are checked.

How do I share my Unity project?

Sharing a Unity Project To begin, make sure you have created a free Unity account and are logged in. Click on the Collab button on the Unity window of the project you want to share and then on “Start Now” You will be able to “Publish” your project at this point.

How do I export a Unity project from Windows?

This is the process: Go to File. Go to Build Settings. Go to player settings tab in that dialog box. Configure your game settings (screen splash,game name,company name,etc,etc) Select your platform (win/mac/linux/xbox/etc etc) Click on build.

How do I export a scene in Unity?

Export a scene to Unity Select File > Send to Unity > Set Unity Project, then browse to select a valid, local Unity project (the project directory) and click Select. Select File > Send to Unity, then select All (to export the whole scene) or Selection (to export only selected objects).

How do you save a unity project to desktop?

Another option is to go into Unity and highlight all files and folders in the project, and then go up to Assets -> Export Package, then save it wherever you like and just Assets -> Import Package on whatever computer you want.

How do I transfer Unity projects between computers?

How to move a Unity Project step by step Enable Visible Meta Files. Delete the Library and Temp folders (optional) Compress the folder to a Zip file (optional) Copy the project folder to the new location. Add the project to Unity Hub.

How do you give someone access to a Unity team?

Click Invite Teammate. Unity launches the Users section of the Unity Developer Dashboard in your browser. From the Users section, you can invite anyone with a Unity ID to join your project: Select Also assign a Unity Teams Seat to this user.

How do I email a Unity project?

The only things required for a Unity project to work are the Assets and ProjectSettings folders. Simply zip those two folders up and send them. No need to include the Library, Temp, or any other generated files.

How do I export a project from unity to WebGL?

To publish: Select File > Build Settings (Figure 01). Select WebGL from the list of platforms and then select Switch Platform to recompile the project for WebGL. Add the Scenes to include in the program. In the Scenes in Build panel, you can drag and drop Scenes to arrange your program’s Scene order (Figure 02).

Can you decompile a Unity game?

Decompiling . This technique is particularly effective for Unity3D games because very little optimisation is actually done. Morever, Unity3D doesn’t attempt to change or hide variable names. Since they are preserved, understanding the decompiled code of a Unity3D game is actually very easy.

How do you copy a scene?

How do I copy a scene? Right-click on a scene in the timeline to open the menu. Click Copy or select a scene and use keyboard shortcut CTRL C (⌘ C). Click Paste at the top of the video maker, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL V (⌘ V) The copied scene appears in the timeline.

How do you make a prefab in unity?

You can create a prefab by selecting Asset > Create Prefab and then dragging an object from the scene onto the “empty” prefab asset that appears. If you then drag a different GameObject onto the prefab you will be asked if you want to replace your current gameobject with the new one.

How do you copy an object in unity?

There you can hold Ctrl and move object with move gizmo and the object is cloned. As far as I can tell, the only way to do the same in Unity is to press Ctrl-D and then move an object (which is not as convenient when you need to duplicate and position a lot of stuff).

How do I save Unity Project to USB?

Yes, you can combine a school project done in Unity Educational versions with a Personal Edition at home. You can do this by exporting the project (Assets -> Export package) from the machine you want to move from and saving the package file onto removable media (for example a USB stick), or uploading to a secure site.

Can you mod Unity Games?

For a player to create a mod, all they need is a base Unity project containing the prefabs in the original game. With this, players can modify the prefabs to their liking without modifying the address of the prefab.

How do I make a group project in unity?

Setting up Unity Collaborate Turn On Collaborate. Select Collab in the toolbar and click “Start Now”. Step 2: Submit your first change. With Collaborate now turned on, write your first message and publish your files. These files will be saved to the cloud and shared with your teammates (see below). Unity Collaborate.

How do I access unity projects between computers?

The same way you’d copy any other files from Explorer just drag the entire project folder onto a USB stick, or zip it up and email it to yourself, or use Dropbox or another file-sharing service then copy it onto the new computer. The best way is to use a version control system, like Asset Server or git.

How do I create a project ID in unity?

You can create a new Project ID within the Unity Editor, or in the Unity developer dashboard.Setting up your project for Unity services Open the Services window (Window > General > Services). Click General settings to open the Services section of the Project settings. Select your Organization from the dropdown.

Is WebGL low level?

WebGL is so low-level that it’s not even a “3D” graphics API, properly speaking. When OpenGL 1.0 came out in 1992, it was specifically a 3D API, aiming to expose the features of the 3D graphics hardware of that era.

Is unity WebGL good?

Unity has always made great use of WebGL, and is using the emscripten compiler toolchain to cross-compile the Unity runtime code. All in all, WebGL offers a much better solution to the delivery of 2D and 3D graphics.

Can you make Web games with Unity?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine used to develop video games for PCs, consoles, mobile devices and websites. The latest version (Unity 5) shipped with a WebGL exporter which means that developers can publish their games to the web with ease.

Как экспортировать игру из Unity?

Для экспорта игры из Unity необходимо выполнить следующие шаги:

1. Открыть Unity проект, который нужно экспортировать.

2. Перейти в меню "File" (Файл) и выбрать "Build Settings" (Сборка проекта).

3. В окне "Build Settings" нажать кнопку "Add Open Scenes" (Добавить открытые сцены).

4. Выбрать платформу, под которую будет экспортироваться игра. Например, выбрать "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone" для экспорта на ПК.

5. Настроить параметры экспорта (например, выбрать целевую платформу и ограничения системных требований для игры).

6. Нажать кнопку "Build" (Собрать проект).

7. Указать папку, в которую будет сохранен экспорт (например, "Desktop").

8. Дождаться окончания процесса экспорта.

После выполнения этих шагов игра будет экспортирована и готова к запуску на выбранной платформе.

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